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CuratOR SCD 19102

The SCD 19102 produces color and gray scale images for the accurate, high-speed presentation of motion studies and dynamic images in endoscopy, surgery, cardiac imaging, and ultrasound. Like all displays from EIZO, the device is pre-calibrated in the factory. The five integrated look-up tables (LUTs) loaded with practice-oriented settings of high image quality are stored in the display enabling the use of standard graphics boards. The display can be set and re-calibrated in the field in accordance with the CIE or DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) standard.

  • 19-inch LCD module with 1 megapixel resolution offering a maximum brightness of 330 cd/m²
  • Fully automated luminance stability through the Integrated Stability System (ISS)
  • CIE/DICOM compliant gray scale response built into the display
  • Adjustable color point for optimized display matching
  • Fully supported by the RadiCS quality assurance tool
  • 5 user defined 10 bit look up tables adaptable to diverse reading and viewing environments
  • Gamma response calibrated during manufacturing to provide consistent image quality from one display to the next
  • State of the art video signal rendering; video standards: PAL, NTSC
  • Force Mode for tailoring the display to even the most specialized timing requirements

CuratOR SCD 19102

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